A sigh of relief

Daddy has shifted to a normal room. Now without oxygen mask 91 and with mask 94. Thk u so much for your help

984104XXXX/April 2021

What’s positive is negative

She is doing fine. Tested Negative. Oxygen levels also stable. Thank you very much for your timely advice and counseling. Regards.

949112XXXX/ April 2021

By God’s grace

Since March my Mother, My children and me took your Preventive medicines with discipline.My Wife and My Father didn’t take or very irregularly got infected and got admitted in the hospital. We lived along with both of them before diagnosing for two to three days and we were saved by Homoeopathy medicine of yours. We want to acknowledge you for the same. My Father got infected in June and my wife in August last week. Both times we were diagnosed negative. Thank you so much sir.? By God’s grace and your medicine we got it out of infectionMy Mother took medicine regularly so she was saved


The strength in me was restored

I literally have tears in my eyes reading that he doesn’t have a fever. It was a very LONG, TOUGH, and brave fight. And we sailed through !! Standing on the other side all alone when the World is lashing out at you… calling you a fool who might take someone’s life. This is NOT EASY. I have grown stronger in these 10 days. It has also taught me that Faith is what we need. Believe and trust someone who is here to Heal the world. And THAT IS YOU. I have no words to express how grateful I am to you. For being with us in this storm. Helping us to maneuver the boat. All the while, giving us immense strength to continue fighting without hearing the sounds of others who kept saying otherwise. Trust me. If you didn’t hold our hand this strong. We would’ve fallen apart on the 5th day & and Ankur would in the hospital todayfighting for his Life.


Combination of both

My wife aged 47yrs and daughter aged 23yrs after contracting covid 19 were in constant touch with Dr. Manoj and took his treatment of homoeopathy along with a vitamin allopathic tablet which helped them recover from the disease very soon.


Pancha Pandav

“5 of my family members, including myself were diagnosed with Covid19. We were taking  Dr. Manoj’s homoeopathy medicine along with our allopathy medicine. It really helped us  with our recovery. Even after we felt better, the medicine improved our immunity. We were  confident with the guidance we got from Dr. Manoj, and thank him for all his support.”

Reg.ID: T20/2020

Plasma tho asmaa??

“My brother in law aged 54yrs after contracting Covid 19 was taking allopathy treatment and about to start plasma therapy got in touch with Dr. Manoj and took his treatment of homoeopathy and next day doctor suggested on no plasma therapy and which helped him recover from the disease soon.

Reg.ID: A2075

A ray of hope

By Gods grace all Got Negative But we Got an Antibodies Test.. Me and My Family Is Thankful

Reg.ID: S798/2020


I had a severe fever and body pains for 5days  and it transmitted to my parents we been taking allopathy medicines but there was no  improvement we are supposed to get admitted in the hospital but after approaching Dr. Manoj sir he said don’t get panic and asked us to pick up viral drops from his clinic after  taking three doses no fever, body pains and almost all to normal condition as nothing  happened to us.

Reg.ID: D744/ July 2020

We have stayed protected always

First of all, let me begin by saying THANK YOU for the incredible doctor you are. Me and my family are on your medicines ONLY since last few years be it immunity drops or regular medicine. We have stayed protected always and these drops have indeed not only helping us but given us the confidence to face the external COVID situation too. Your messages also give us a good perspective. Thanks to you and your entire team, you are indeed the brave warriors who have kept many patients protected from this situation and virus since last year. Best wishes to your team, family and yourself.

Bhavesh/Reg id: H734/April 21

Doctors like you make a lot of difference in instilling right thinking to avoid panic and handle a situation sensibly

In these troubled times, doctors like you make a lot of difference in instilling right thinking to avoid panic and handle a situation sensibly. It felt nice to read your message, which was indeed a welcome break from all the distressing news, forwards etc. Thanks again and wishing you a beautiful Sunday. Take care.

Priyanka/Reg id:6668/April 2021

Thanks for your concern for the well-being and welfare of your patients

Thanks for your concern for the well being and welfare of your patients and the community. Please continue to guide us giving us confidence and support. Regards,

Shyam Mohan/Reg id:S246/April 2021

Thank you for managing my problem without resorting to antibiotics for one whole year

This is just to thank you for managing my problem without resorting to antibiotics for one whole year.I am happy with my toe nails too,it is showing so much of improvement. Thanks.

Reg id:V2143/March’2021

Very much better with her Allergic Cough

Hi my daughter is doing very much better with her allergic cough i am seeing a very huge decline from last year. I am really thankful for all of you.

Reg Id:3892/Feb 2021

Acidity: 80% Better

I was taking medicines for severe acidity for last 2 months and am feeling much better now.I can say 80%.

Reg Id :9336/Feb 2021

Noticeable relief in IBS issue

I have found noticeable relief in the IBS issue.

Reg id:s8843/ Jan’2021

Skin problem improvement was almost 80-90%.

I was taking treatment for skin Problem. I took medicines which helped me and improvement was almost 80-90%.

Regid:R2690/Jan 2021

lesser bouts of allergies

I started with sinus medicines mid October and I am on my second round of medicines. Before starting the medicines I had bad bouts of allergies leading to running rose and watery eyes. I would also wake up every morning with a blocked nose. To avoid all this I would take Allegra M every night Now after I started ur medicines gradually I started waking up well no blocked nose , lesser bouts of allergies.

Reg id:T585/December’2020

Ringing in my ears has reduced a lot

I’m feeling 70% better, the ringing in my ears has reduced a lot. I haven’t felt dizzy in two months now. I’ve stopped taking alopathic medicine as well. I feel occasional medium to high ringing in my ears. Like once or twice in a month, which bothers me a little. The ringing in my ears is still there, I can still feel it, but it has reduced by 70 to 80 %.

Reg id:9204/December’2020

Cough had been reduced considerably

The cough had been reduced considerably. There is up to 70% improvement since the last consultation.Reg Id :


Size of Wart has come down and some warts disappeared.

As of now, I am feeling 70 per cent better than last month .size of Wart has come down and some warts disappeared. And there is no new growth of warts.

Reg Id :8997/Oct’20

Pains in finger & knee joints 80% better

I used to get pains in finger & knee joints. i feel better . I can say the problem is solved up to 80 per cent

Reg Id :8719/Oct’20

UTI has gotten much better

My UTI has gotten much better

Reg Id :9047/Oct’20

80% better

I’m feeling 80% better since the last consultation.

Reg Id :7686/Oct’20

Acidity is 80% better

Currently, the condition is 80% better and continuing with the available medicine

Reg Id :8906/Oct’20

Headache-100% better

Nose running- 70% better Eye itching-60% better Sneezing continuously anytime- 80% better Headache-100% better

Reg Id : A4210/Sept’2020

Allergy: 90% better

Allergyhas reduced by 90% feeling much better.

Reg no:D563/Sept’2020

Knee pain-feeling better 70%

Knee painfeeling better 70%

Reg no:DS6462/Sept’2020

Thyroid has come down/Hair fall reduced a lot

Thanks Dr Manoj Sir with your administered medicine and Guidance My daughters Thyroid has come down from 26.09 (In dec 2019) to 6.54 ( 13-Jun-2019) . Normal is 4.95. Hopefully she will reach Normal pretty soon. When we contacted you 9 months back Her hair fall was very bad and now it reduced a lot. Cant thank you enough and We are very indebted to you.

Reg Id :- 5636 /July 2020

vertigo cured completely

I used medicine for vertigo (head spinning)in 2018 from dr manoj. That time it was cured completely with medicine . For the last two years i do not have any problems.

Reg No: 3699/June 2020