What do you do when your pet falls sick?

Take the pet to the veterinary doctor and you explain to them what is wrong with your pet since they cannot communicate. Most times, the doctor listens to you and prescribes the medication. Very few times, a physical examination and investigations are required. Seems very simple, but here is what goes on behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes of taking the pet to the vet

You would have to plan and find time from work to take the pet to the clinic. You would have to organize transportation and an extra pair of hands. You would be lucky to get parking at the doctors. You would be even luckier to get a short waiting time. After the consultation is over, you would go back home and spend the next hour cleaning up your vehicle.

Here is Dr. Manoj’s alternative solution

Most of the diseases that pets get are similar to that of humans. A veterinary doctor treats the pet, like how a human is treated. Most times, they have a similar line of treatment too. Dr. Manoj believes that pets can be treated as efficiently and effectively as people. He has collaborated with senior veterinary doctors and started an online concept for treating pets.

Here is how it works

Dr. Manoj’s online pet services

When your pet falls sick, give us a call. Our trained homeopathic doctor, under the guidance of Dr. Manoj and senior veterinary doctor, will diagnose the problem over the phone and suggest suitable medication that can take care of the problem.

Reports if any can be shared over email or Whatsapp. Video calls can be organized with the doctor.

During the telephoning consultation, the doctor will be able to make out if there is a need for physical consultation, in which case they would advise you accordingly

Once consultation is over, the medicines will be couriered to you, or can be picked up.

Further follow up can be done on the phone.

Ease of administering Homeopathy medicines

Add 2-3 drops of the medicine on your pet’s favorite treats. Dosage as advised by the doctor

Homeopathy for pets