How Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathic Treatment Works

70-80% of the disease are either caused, triggered or maintained by stress.

How does stress affect the human body?

Everything in life is a vibration - Albert Einstein

We are also vibration and each organ in our body works on a different vibration frequency.

Whenever this vibration frequency is disturbed it causes discomfort or disease in some organ of the body.

The vibrations in our body are caused and maintained by our breath. When we breathe in, a large volume of air is taken into the lungs and when we breathe out the air passes forcefully through our sinuses which are of different sizes and shapes thereby creating vibrations.

In life whenever we go through different emotions like stress, fear, anxiety, jealousy etc, there is a subtle change in our breathing which happens unconsciously this in turn disturbs vibration frequency of certain parts of the body thereby causing disease.

Cause and Effect of The Disturbed Vibration

1. Cause

The stress and emotion that has disturbed the vibration frequency resulting in a disease is the cause.

2. Effect

The disease or discomfort experienced by the patient, for example all the diseases that are linked to stress like Bp, Diabetes, Psoriasis, IBS etc. is the effect.

If you look at this carefully Allopathy only treats the effect as the treatment is based on lab results, or the physical symptoms, no treatment is directed to the psychological aspect.

Homeopathy treats both the cause and the effect thereby achieving holistic cure.

Homeopathy could be a good complementary treatment along with allopathy for all the above diseases as Homeopathy treats the cause and Allopathy the effect.

Dr.Manoj’s Homeopathic formulations have been created putting together experience from years of research into healing the mind and the body

These medicines are the only form of physical energy vibrations extracted from Animals, Plants and Minerals. They have lower vibration frequency than us hence they go through a process to increase their vibrations. Once these higher vibrations are introduced into the body, they mix with the 70% water in the body and reach the target organ and restores the disturbed vibration frequency ensuring holistic recovery.

Take Care

Dr. Manoj Kuriakose