Holistic Homeopathic Treatment

There are mainly 2 causes for most of the diseases.

1. External Causes

Bacteria, Virus, TB, Jaundice, Malaria, Influenza etc., Injuries, Accidents etc.

10-20 % of the diseases come under this .

2. Internal Causes

All those diseases which are known to be caused or triggered or maintained by stress and emotional factors like cancer, bp, thyroid, Diabetes, cholesterol, IBS, most chronic skin ailments, pcod, All autoimmune disorders like psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

80-90% of the diseases come under this.

Homeopathic approach to this 80-90% disease.

It is an accepted fact that stress and emotional factors surely trigger or maintain these diseases.This is the major reason that diseases which come in this category do not completely cure.They can only be controlled and this is because no effort is being made to treat the stress or the emotional factor.

When treating a chronic condition there are 2 aspects that are taken into consideration by a homeopathic doctor.

1. Physical Aspect

This will include the objective symptoms like the extent of a skin lesion, swelling, redness,extent of pain,extent of involvement of a particular organ in an ultrasound or an MRI.etc.

Blood tests,lab investigations. etc

2. Emotional Aspect

This includes the emotional state of the patient in general and due to the disease, his fears, anxiety,how he reacts to his condition etc.

These are very important to be taken care of as this is what prevents complete cure of the diseases.

When both these aspects are considered, In Homeopathy this is called ‘TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS’, which means we consider the totality of both the physical and emotional symptoms of the patient while treating a particular disease.

Medicines selected like this lead to a holistic treatment and that is the reason most of us hear of complete cure happening in alternate systems of medicines like homeopathy, and other alternate systems of medicines.

In most of these cases Allopathy can be used as a complementary,for example to control high levels of diabetes, bp, cholesterol, thyroid, skin issues etc. Once in control the holistic Homeopathic treatment will maintain it and over a period of time cure it.

Take Care

Dr. Manoj Kuriakose